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What is Addiction?

An addiction is a behavior which is difficult to control, despite possible harmful effects. Addiction comes in many forms, from alcohol or substance abuse, to food, gaming, gambling, tobacco, and more. Any compulsive behavior characterized by short-term gratification and long-term costs and be classified as addiction.

Those who have addictive behavior experience intense cravings for drugs, alcohol, or other substances making decision making, learning, memory, and control challenging. Many substances can actually cause harmful changes in how the brain functions, making them unable to stop, even if they want to.

Effective Treatments Are Available

The first step in recovery from addiction is simply to recognize the problem. There are different levels of addiction ranging some a slightly impaired control over the craving, social impairment where the person withdraws from leisure activities because of the addiction, to outright risky usage despite the known effects, whether they are physical, social, or economic.

For severe drug addiction, some hospitalization or treatment clinics may be required in order to mitigate the effects of the withdrawal symptoms. Those physical treatments are most often complemented with therapeutic treatments to help individuals deal with the mental aspects of the addictive behavior, providing support and tools to keep them from relapse. Many use disorders are deemed to be lifelong, such as alcoholism, and support sessions with positive reinforcement are required to maintain healthy behavior.

Our Addiction Support Services

If you, or someone you know, is struggling with addiction, get help. Learn what you can do to help them recognize their destructive behavior and help them take the steps necessary to build a new life…one free of dependencies and craving. We all deserve a happy, healthy life. Just know that help is only a call or click away!



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