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Life and COVID-19: You Can Get Angry, but You Can’t Stay Angry

The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly impacted our behaviors and mental health in endless ways. The effects of being locked down, social distancing and declining financial stability and security can all be overwhelming.

And one of the ways that this sneaks out is through aggressive anxiety behaviors like anger. It is okay to be angry in times like these, but you shouldn’t lose your ability to self-regulate. Find someone to speak to, either a friend, a close friend, or a professional teletherapy counselor.

Upended social lives

You might be angry right now that you are alone at home. Maybe you have been forced to cancel your vacation. Or perhaps you can no longer visit your friends or be with your family right now. It’s the same everywhere, and everyone is angry.

But how do you deal with that? Find ways to address your anger’s trigger factors. These could be boredom, which can be helped by finding a new hobby. For loneliness and isolation, use social media to stay connected to your loved ones. The experience may not be the same as personal or physical connection but hearing the voice of someone you love may help to balm raging anger.

Financial stress

Businesses are closed, the stock market is on a downward spiral, and more job losses are around the corner. You have every right to be angry. You have been saving and working hard at your organization, but COVID-19 is sweeping that away with losses, layoffs, and furloughs. You are not alone.

There may be financial fallback plans such as slashing your budget, finding alternative ways of service delivery for your business, or filing for unemployment.

You need clarity of mind to think, so take a step back from it all for a moment. Get enough sleep and take care of your physical health. Talk to a family member, a friend, or a professional teletherapy counselor to vent the bottled emotions. Talking helps.

Too much fear channeled by the news

You may still have your job. Your finances may be doing relatively okay at the moment, but still, it’s hard to escape the mass anxiety and anger fueled by the news.

You will find that you get overly anxious when its news time. You get angry when you see the victim and infection numbers or get extremely exasperated by the strategies that leaders are taking to address the problem.

It would help in that case to minimize the time you spend on TV. Get the essential news you need and nothing more. Don’t allow yourself to be swept over by the mass fear and anger. Switching to a calming TV show including religious, lifestyle, and traveling channels may help to bring back a sense of peace in your life.

It’s Not Your Fault. You Have Every Right to Be Angry. But don’t keep it in.

A lot of what is happening now is out of our control. You have a right to be angry, but don’t let the emotions pile. Talk it out. At ACT Teletherapy, we provide professional anger management counseling services via text, video, and chat.

Let’s help the anger before it grows into depression. Let’s help the depression before it drives you to the deep end. Talk to us at 833 928 1430.



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