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Bipolar disorder can rob you of all the joys of life with extreme mood swings and emotional peaks. In times like these, when everyone is being pushed to the edge with the uncertainties of life, things may get worse for you. But with the right support system and self-help approaches, you can retain control over your life.

Realize that you are not alone

The National Institute of Mental Health reports that bipolar disorders affect 5.7 million adult Americans, which is about 2.6 % of the US population.

Everyday people with bipolar disorders struggle with extreme and unpredictable states of euphoria and depression. The mood swings turn their lives upside down, negatively impacting sleep, physical energy, judgment, and cognitive reasoning. And if you live with a bipolar family member, every episode takes a toll on you.

But realize that you are not alone. To weather all the turmoil around you and uncertainties about your health or the wellness of a family member, build a strong support system:

  • Talk to a supportive friend
  • Attend a mental health support group online or offline
  • Call the doctor or therapist
  • Ask for help from loved ones

Bipolar disorder does not define you

Don’t let bipolar disorder symptoms, including depression, lethargy, and euphoria, define you. Bipolar disorder is not who you are – it is simply something you have, and it is manageable. You can take back the power and control over your life by thinking and speaking differently about yourself.

Think positively and celebrate the little victories. Be patient with yourself, and the treatment process, and chances are it will work out better for you:

  • Build relationships
  • Do not isolate; go for dates, sports, and other social events
  • Do not self-loathe; pursue what makes you happy in life
  • Confide in a professional counselor your deepest fears

Stress management is everything

As you live with bipolar disorder, there is a limit to the amount of stress that you can take at work or play. Surpassing your threshold could trigger manic symptoms. Know your limits through self-monitoring and learning from experience.

When you feel overwhelmed:

  • Practice relaxation techniques such as belly breathing
  • Listen to uplifting music
  • Go for a relaxing walk
  • Talk to someone

Professional counseling has been documented to be impactful in the management of bipolar disorders. Psychotherapy helps with:

  • Better adherence to medication for the patients
  • Reduced mood swings and better holistic functioning
  • Reduced risk of relapsed depression
  • Better stress management and coping for caregivers and family

Teletherapy is an online professional counseling when you need it. It does not involve traveling or waiting in line at the office. You speak to a professional counselor via chat, video, or text. There is no monthly commitment and you can meet with your counselor as often as you feel is right for you.

If you are struggling with a mental disease, such as bipolar disorder, get the help you need with ACT Teletherapy Bipolar Counseling. Our licensed, experienced counselors are just a phone call away. Contact us to learn more.


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