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Conflict in Your Life?


Conflict is often part of our lives in some small way as we all have differing viewpoints, goals, and aspirations. However, there are times when conflict can consume too much of our bandwidth and begin to degrade our quality of life and our mental health.

Conflict can be with a spouse, family member, or a loved one. Conflict is common within families, whether it is within the immediate family or extended family members. Conflict can arise among co-workers or with the boss. It also can be an ongoing neighborhood battle – barking dogs, unkempt lawn, etc. Conflict does not have to be with other person but can be an ongoing internal strife with yourself.

When our areas of conflict grow beyond small manageable issues and mount into recurring, unresolved battlefields, it is time to consider some professional help. Waking up to a war zone everyday is unhealthy mentally and steps need to be taken to reduce areas of conflict, resolve interpersonal relationships, and begin to live a more tranquil and peaceful life.

At ACT Teletherapy, we have a team of qualified and talented therapists that will help you approach conflict in a healthy manner, provide you with an understanding of the root cause of the disagreements, and arm you with tools to approach conflict resolution. Very often it takes a neutral party to help us see both side of a disagreement and to come to a shared understanding of the problem.

Our therapist can help in many ways beyond just resolving the conflict. Building healthy relationships can help to prevent conflicts from arising in the future and can also have a powerful impact in personal and working relationships.

There is no better time than the present to take control of your life and make positive changes. ACT Teletherapy can help. We have safe, secure, and HIPAA compliant tools for communication, including voice, video, and texting options.

Many insurance companies are currently waving co-pays, so it is an excellent time to take advantage of the opportunities.

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Text Counseling


Our monthly plan includes unlimited text messaging with your therapist. Text back and forth when you need help. Save money with a monthly plan. Texting availablity varies for each therapist.

Video/Voice Counseling

$65 per 30 minute session

Our weekly video and voice plan allows you to schedule a video chat or a call with your personal therapist.  Pick the method that works best for you (or do both!).


Couples Counseling

$99 per 30 minute session

You and your spouse or significant other can set up a call or video with your personal counselor.  You can be in your home or office, together or separate.  Get the relationship you deserve!