COVID-19 has unleashed a tidal wave of problems across the country. It has upended a thriving economy. It has strained healthy relationships and thrown struggling relationships into chaos. It has cost millions their health, and tens of thousands their lives. In its wake, millions of Americans are struggling with the ripples of COVID-19 and mental health. While quarantines and social distancing may make you feel isolated, there is hope and you’re not alone in your challenges. Stress, fear, anxiety, and emotional exhaustion are normal in these abnormal times. Our team of licensed, certified therapists are ready to help.

Grief and Loss

COVID-19 has robbed many Americans of their lives. You may have mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and close friends who fought bravely against an invisible foe. Losing loved ones is never easy, and it can be harder when you didn’t have the chance to say goodbyes. There are many types of grief and loss, and we can help you with the following aspects of COVID-19 and mental health, including:

  • Loss of loved ones
  • Canceled plans
  • Unemployment and loss of career opportunities

Strained Relationships

Relationships are hard even when things are smooth. The prolonged stress, anxiety, fear, and grief caused by quarantines, lockdowns, and daily doom and gloom headlines are unprecedented. Many couples are emotionally exhausted, and many are at the breaking point with COVID-19 and the strain it’s putting on their mental health. Our certified therapists can help you navigate:

  • Keeping children safe while juggling jobs, education, healthcare
  • Communication with your partner and children
  • Disruptions to your lifestyle, career, and finances
  • Domestic abuse including physical, emotional, sexual, and mental abuse*

* Domestic violence is a criminal act. Women, men, or children who suffer physical or sexual abuse should contact 911 immediately.

Fear and Anxiety for the Future

When will COVID-19 end? When will things return to normal? What will the “new normal” be like? Many are struggling with the fear and anxiety these questions are causing. Headlines say this, experts say that, social media posts say something else. The daily twists and turns can cause significant fear and anxiety, and we’ll help with:

  • Fear over physical safety and health
  • Anxiety over family and career
  • Fear of contracting COVID-19
  • Depression

The team at ACT Teletherapy are here to help you heal. When you’re ready, reach out and our team will provide the support you need and guidance you desire.


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