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Are you suffering from depression?


Feelings of sadness, irritability, anger, and fatigue are common. In fact, more than 265 million people globally are reported to suffer from depression.

You Are Not Alone

We all have had bad news, a tough day at work, an awkward or confrontational situation that has left us feeling sad and depressed. A relationship ending, a life ending, moving, unemployment, and more can all leave us with feeling of hopelessness. But when is depression just a transitory state and when is it a serious medical illness?
Here are some of the symptoms of depression that you should NOT ignore:

• Deep and long-lasting feelings of sadness
• Angry, irritable outbursts
• Random or frequent tearful episodes
• Anxiety and restlessness
• Frustration and agitation
• Changes in appetite
• Trouble sleeping
• Tiredness, lack of energy

• Lack of interest in your favorite activities
• Difficulty thinking or concentrating
• Feelings of self-blame or guilt
• Thoughts of death or suicide
• Feelings of hopelessness
• Increased use of alcohol or drugs
• Withdrawal
• Mood swings

Regardless of the severity of your depression, the best way forward is to get some help. Find a therapist you can relate to and work through, not only the cause but also the best way forward. Establish some new behaviors and tools to set yourself on a more positive path.
Depression can very easily spiral downward and out of control. Disrupted sleep, no appetite, aches and pains, cancelling plans, or simply just more fearful or tearful than normal. These are signs that you need to get some counseling, a lifeline and some tools to help you get back to a more normal and grounded self.
Take some time to learn what you can do to nourish yourself mentally. Reach out for help before you reach a crisis stage.
If you, or someone you know, needs some guidance getting back to a happier, healthier place, then share this information with them so they can get the guidance, tools, and planning to get their depression in check.
Your life is a precious gift. Live with love, joy, and happiness!


Text Counseling


Our monthly plan includes unlimited text messaging with your therapist. Text back and forth when you need help. Save money with a monthly plan. Texting availablity varies for each therapist.

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$65 per 30 minute session

Our weekly video and voice plan allows you to schedule a video chat or a call with your personal therapist.  Pick the method that works best for you (or do both!).


Couples Counseling

$99 per 30 minute session

You and your spouse or significant other can set up a call or video with your personal counselor.  You can be in your home or office, together or separate.  Get the relationship you deserve!