Domestic Violence is a cyclical pattern of abuse that affects people in all communities. Domestic Violence can affect people of all ages, gender, race, religion, social standing, and ethnicity. Domestic Violence takes many forms. Physical abuse, sexual abuse, verbal abuse, and economic abuse to name a few.
Our national statistics suggest that nearly 20 people are abused every minute in the United States. Sadly, many cases are not reported, so true statistics are a challenge. As of this writing, we have been sheltering in place for over 3 months due to COVID-19 and the number of reported cases has declined.
No, the domestic violence has not healed because we are stuck together at home. The fear is higher, and the silence is frightening.

Are you stuck in an abusive relationship?

Today, your partner may be the most loving and lovable creature that walked the earth, but that is all part of the cycle. As each day passes, a tension builds between the two of you. There is a behavior of control (checking phone calls, car mileage, etc.) that helps build that tension. A dependent relationship exists between you and the intimidation and fear contribute to that tension.
Eventually, the tension builds sufficiently, and the abuse is the release.
This is followed by a period of remorse, where the loving partner returns and you almost forget.
Except you don’t. You are scratched, bruised, bloodied, or otherwise injured and now you hide the evidence. Maybe the injuries incite more violence. Maybe you’re embarrassed.
Just because the violence has subsided, it doesn’t mean it won’t recur…

Break the Cycle!

The violence must stop. The cycle must be broken. The outcome of a domestic abuse situation is the long-term destruction of an individual’s personhood – their rights, their freedoms, and their privileges. There is help, there is another way.

Domestic violence is a crime. If you or someone you know is in physical danger, call 911 and get immediate help. If this is reconciliation stage, use it wisely to plan your escape from the abusive cycle.
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