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The spread of COVID-19 and social distancing has catapulted the need for telehealth. To keep health workers and patients safe, it has become important to be able to communicate by telephone or video.

Many patients and family members alike are experiencing higher than normal stress and anxiety.  We can no longer see our doctor or dentist whenever we would like. Even grabbing a loaf of bread and some milk at the local supermarket requires protective masks and brings with it a whole level of stress and anxiety never seen before.

As a result, psychotherapy and psychiatric treatments must continue to help people manage the myriad of emotional concerns – stress, conflict, depression, job loss, etc. This need is more pressing today than ever before.

California Governor Gavin Newsom has embraced the need for telehealth and has signed an executive order to expand protections to healthcare providers as they use video chats and other applications to provide routine and non-emergency virtual care. The goal is to provide flexibility to our healthcare providers so that they can offer continuity of health services to people across the state of California while minimizing everyone’s exposure to COVID-19.

Also embracing telehealth are the insurance companies, many of which are waiving co-pays and deductibles so that testing and treatment can proceed, regardless of your current employment status. A fair number of insurance companies are extending those benefits to teletherapy, allowing people to seek help from qualified tele therapists for emotional and behavioral problems as well.

If the COVID-19 situation has hit you and your family particularly hard, take the time to learn what options are available so that you can get the help you need. In many cases, no out of pocket expenses are required. Take advantage of all that our government is offering to keep us safe and healthy.

ACT Teletherapy is here to help. We have safe, secure, and HIPAA compliant tools for communication. Whether you choose phone, video, or texting, all our platforms maintain your privacy and are easy to use.

Find out how you can leverage these opportunities to get the help you need.


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