AnxietyGrief is a natural response to loss. It’s the emotional suffering you feel when something or someone you love is taken away. Often, the pain of loss can feel overwhelming. You may experience all kinds of difficult and unexpected emotions, from shock or anger to disbelief, guilt, and profound sadness. The pain of grief can also disrupt your physical health, making it difficult to sleep, eat, or even think straight. These are normal reactions to loss—and the more significant the loss, the more intense your grief will be.

Will the Sadness Ever End?

I lost someone very special to me… Someone I love dearly… Someone I miss every day.

I have so many regrets now. I didn’t spend enough time with him before he died. I didn’t call him as much as I should have. I didn’t say “I Love You” as often as I meant it.

But now it’s too late. He is gone. Yes, I have so many regrets.

Everyone says that grief is a natural response to loss. I believe, if you feel remorse or regret about the past, somehow it feels worse. Much worse. The whole in your heart reminds you of the person you miss. Then your brain follows that up with all those regrets. All those moments lost. All those things you could have done; you should have done… but didn’t.

The grieving process is very individual and personal. Everyone takes loss differently. Everyone recovers at a difference pace. Even your current life situation can affect how long you need to grieve. Sometimes, it is good to have a compassionate, caring person to gently guide you through the pain, past the guilt, and onto safe ground.

Healing Takes Time

The healing process takes time. There is no right or wrong way to grieve, there is no prescribed timeframe. While it can’t be hurried, it can’t be folded and tucked away. It must be dealt with.

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