job loss My whole life is upside down. My days are all mine, but I am stuck in a self-pity party that I can’t seem to shake. I know I should be dusting off my resume and polishing my cover letter, but I am so overwhelmed with loss that I just sink into the couch and watch more TV.

Losing a job can easily push you into an unhealthy emotional situation. If you have worked at your job for many years, saying farewell to that position, your colleagues, and the daily routine that it all offered can leave you in a tailspin. The thought of all the bills that will pile up, unemployment checks that don’t make ends meet, and the void created by the job loss, you have a recipe for depression, anxiety, and self-doubt.

With the recent pandemic, the new economy has left many people displaced from their jobs, trying to make ends meet with unemployment and government stimulus checks. Neither of these fill the void created by job loss.

Time to Move On!!!

Don’t let your current situation affect your mental or physical health. Get help and get back on the path to employment. At ACT Teletherapy, our team of qualified and talented therapists will help you deal with the stress, sadness, and anxiety over job loss or job change. In fact, many insurance companies are currently waving co-pays, so you don’t have to worry about the cost!

If you have lost a job or are amid significant job change, take positive steps to adjust. A positive attitude and a positive sense of self will make all the difference during your next job interview. ACT Teletherapy would love to be on the sidelines, cheering you on to that next job!

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