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Whether you are in a long-term relationship, married, dating, or just wanting to get along with family and next-of-kin, relationships can be challenging, especially when two people have very different upbringing, very different world views, and very different personalities.

In fact, it’s quite rare that even the most perfectly matched couple have an unblemished relationship. Life itself is never 100% predictable, people aren’t perfect, and relationships often have a few ups and downs. How we deal with the bumps, how we communicate with our partner, all affect the quality of our relationships.

Healthy Communications

The basic building block of a healthy, happy relationship is communications. Honest, open communications help us to understand each other’s needs and expectations. Relationships are work, so that basic understanding of needs and desires is important to nurturing and maintaining the relationship.

Most relationship problems arise from poor communication. When we communicate, we need to give each other full audience. Put away the cell phones, turn off the TV, put the children to bed, don’t interrupt the person speaking, and acknowledge and empathize with their concerns, even if you don’t fully agree!

Sometimes, simply re-phrasing the other person’s words into your own can show that you are an attentive listener and you understand them. Again, you don’t have to fully agree. It is not about who’s right and wrong; it is about relating. We relate to one another when we listen and show concern.

Other Relationship Challenges

There are many reasons a relationship may deteriorate.

Sometimes we seemingly grow apart. Long-term relationships are particularly susceptible to change over time. In some relationships, the two people change together, gently…imperceptibly. In other cases, one of the two may change dramatically and other may feel lost, even grieving for the person they once knew.

Even when couples grow apart, healthy communication can bring them together. It may require you to discover new ways of being together and enjoying each other’s company. Understanding is fundamental and open lines of communication, without blame or hostility, will foster that discovery.


Life events can also have an impact on relationships. Births, deaths, job loss, health issues, conflicts at work, and more…can all have a profound effect on relationships. Once again, those healthy lines of communication allow you to let your partner, your brother, your friend, know how you feel. That connection during the trauma can mean the difference between strengthening your bond or losing it.

Relationship Counseling

At ACT Teletherapy, we help people in many different types of relationships. Whether you are single, married, living together, gay, bi or pansexual, transgender, or straight, our counsellors provide a compassionate and supportive environment for you to re-build your relationship.

Whether your relationship just needs a tune-up, or you have some strong conflicts and disagreements to work through, we have been helping rebuild relationships so you can find fun and love.

Don’t just cope…connect. Our lives are healthy, balanced, and meaningful when our relationships with family, friends, and loved ones are peaceful and happy.

Find peace with yourself and your loved ones. Help is just a call or click away!


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Our monthly plan includes unlimited text messaging with your therapist. Text back and forth when you need help. Save money with a monthly plan. Texting availablity varies for each therapist.

Video/Voice Counseling

$65 per 30 minute session

Our weekly video and voice plan allows you to schedule a video chat or a call with your personal therapist.  Pick the method that works best for you (or do both!).


Couples Counseling

$99 per 30 minute session

You and your spouse or significant other can set up a call or video with your personal counselor.  You can be in your home or office, together or separate.  Get the relationship you deserve!