Tips for Choosing the Right Family Counseling Service

Family Counseling

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Seeking out support for how to navigate your family relationships or challenges in a healthy way will help you and your loved ones form strong and long-lasting bonds. If you and your family members are experiencing challenges connecting, going through major life events, or trying to deal with difficult situations, then finding support through a family counseling service might be exactly what you need to work through these issues together. Not every family counseling service will be the right one for you, however, so it’s important to do your research and make sure you’re finding the best fit for you and your family members. 

Why Opt for Family Counseling

There are no hard and fast rules for when a family should seek out some extra support in dealing with challenges, developing communication skills, or working through relationship issues. There are however some common scenarios that might bring people to seek out family counseling services for support. If you and your family are experiencing any of the following things, then bringing on a third party to help you navigate these situations might be an excellent idea. 

Blending a Family: This is when two separate families are brought together to become one larger family. Examples of this might be when two adults get together and one or both of them have children, or when a child gets married and has a new set of in-laws. Blending families means a whole new set of relationship dynamics which can often be a challenge to navigate, and family counselors can provide support to both parents and children alike on how to take on these new relationships. 

Feelings of Disconnection: Have you found recently that you and your family are having trouble connecting? Are family dinners silent with people checking their phones or watching videos without speaking? Are you lacking any context with what your partner or children get up to on a daily basis? Feelings of disconnection with family members can happen every so often, especially once your kids develop into their teenage years. However if it’s become a consistent issue, then it might be an opportunity to seek out some extra support for how to find ways to reconnect with one another. 

Regulating Emotions: If you have one or more family members that seem to always be having meltdowns, or there seem to be constant fights and bickering in your home, then it might be a good time to check in with someone about tips for emotional regulation and healthy ways to communicate with one another. Having the support of a trained professional will not only provide insight on how to manage negative emotions but also in pinpointing any underlying issues that are causing tension or emotional distress in your family. 

Addiction Issues: Having a close family member struggling with addiction is something that will impact everyone in the family unit. Whether it’s drug or alcohol abuse, finding ways to support the family member dealing with addiction while still making sure to have firm boundaries set is crucial for each family member, and it is incredibly important to have the support of a licensed mental health professional to figure out what this looks like for you and your loved ones. 

This list of challenges is obviously not an exhaustive one, and family counseling services can also support in navigating things like intimacy issues, divorce, feelings of isolation, and families growing apart, among many other challenges. What is important is identifying that your family needs support, and beginning your search to find the best help possible. 

Find Referrals

When seeking out professional mental health services for your family, a great place to start is your family doctor. They will likely have an in-depth knowledge of you and your loved ones and will be able to refer you to a practitioner who might be a good fit. Ask around to friends and extended family to see if they have any recommendations, and don’t forget to also do some research online on the Psychology Today website and sort through their therapist locator to see who else is taking on clients in your area. 

Check Credentials

When searching for a therapist, don’t forget to check their specializations and credentials. Make sure you’re not assuming that just because they provide behavioral health services means they can adequately support children, teens, or couples. You want someone who specializes in family therapy, so do your due diligence and read through their website carefully as well as call the offices of any potential candidates to confirm. 

Research Insurance Coverage

Before moving forward with initial consultations, make sure to also research your insurance coverage when it comes to counseling services. Many insurance plans will have money to offset costs for professional services, so it’s important to look into this and see how much money is available so you can look for professional counseling that fits into your budget right off the bat. 

Assess Everyone’s Comfort Levels

After creating your shortlist of potential therapists, it’s time to set up some consultation appointments. These are usually brief phone calls or sessions for both the therapist and you to explore whether or not the partnership is a good fit, so it’s important for you to really pay attention during these moments. Think about whether they asked you thoughtful questions, whether there were frequent interruptions, what their foundational approaches to therapy are, and do an overall vibe check. If you have other family members with you during the consultation, make sure to debrief together as well afterward in order to assess everyone’s comfort levels to see who might be the best fit. 

Don’t Rush the Process

Finding the right therapist for you and your family often takes time, so don’t be discouraged if the first couple of providers aren’t the right fit. The most important thing is that you and your family are taking active steps to find support and improve your relationships with one another!

We Provide Family Counseling Services

If you’re searching for exceptional mental health experts to support you and your loved ones, get in touch with us at ACT Teletherapy. Our qualified and experienced staff will work with you and your family to create an individualized counseling plan to best suit whatever specific circumstances you’re looking for support with. Contact us today and let us help you and your family grow stronger in your relationships with one another.






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