It is a new world and one of the most uncertain times any of can remember. We are uncertain how long the current social distancing will last. Uncertainty about when we will return to work and to school. We are uncertain about the economy and the future of our community…our world.

With so much uncertainty comes stress, anxiety, and fear. Some of us can manage these emotions. Others are struggling.

Some people may have already lost a loved one due to COVID-19. Others may simply live in fear of what might happen.

Some may have lost their jobs; others may be barely hanging on financially…or worse.

Whatever your personal situation, know these 2 things.

  1. The sun will rise tomorrow on a brand-new day.
  2. Tomorrow brings new opportunities; we just need to uncover them.

Let us help you with the second…

At ACT Teletherapy, we have very qualified and incredibly talented therapists that will show you how to cope with today and embrace the uncertainty of tomorrow. They will give you the tools to uncover the opportunities, one small step at a time.


ACT Teletherapy can help. We have safe, secure, and HIPAA compliant tools for communication. Whether you choose phone, video, or texting, all our platforms maintain your privacy and are easy to use. Many insurance companies are waiving co-pays and even sending patients to us.

Take advantage of all the opportunities.

Call or contact us to get started. Nothing could be easier!


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