We all encounter conflict in our lives, sometimes more often and more combative than other times. We all have different experiences, varying views, and possibly very specific goals that may lead us into these conflicting situations with others who don’t share the same opinions and objectives.

Distinguishing Between Healthy and Unhealthy Conflict

Healthy conflict is typically short-term, sparking creativity, building momentum, and contributing to quality ideas and actions. Unhealthy conflict is quite the opposite. Reactions are defensive, arguments lengthy and counterproductive, and the tension and anxiety drag on without positive results.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict can consume way too much of our bandwidth and can erode our quality of life and our mental health if it is not handled properly. Understanding the root cause of the conflict can be particularly important. When we understand the “Why” we can express our ideas more tactfully and show empathy and understanding for the alternative view.

A great next step is converting the unhealthy conflict into healthy conflict and using the situation to spark creative challenges and productivity. When this conversion begins, we can feel the tide shifting, the anxiety lifting, and we can see a path forward with our adversary.

When our areas of conflict grow beyond small manageable issues and mount into recurring, unresolved battlefields, it is time to consider some professional help. Waking up to a war zone everyday is unhealthy mentally and steps need to be taken to reduce areas of conflict, resolve interpersonal relationships, and begin to live a more tranquil and peaceful life.

At ACT Teletherapy, we have a team of qualified and talented therapists that will help you approach conflict in a healthy manner, provide you with an understanding of the root cause, and arm you with tools to approach conflict resolution. Neutrality very often brings clarity to a situation, and we work with you to resolve those conflicting relationship issues so you can enjoy a more peaceful existence.

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